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we play .we    watch .we   watch  . we  listen  . we  listen.we listen . we  listen .we watch .    we consume time  .  we  watch.we listen. we consume time.  we wait.   we play  .   we  wait    .  we read. we read   . we    listen .we  play  .we  read  .   we     listen. we   read. we listen   .    we  watch .  we wait.we  read.we consume time   .   we consume time. we  listen    .we wait   .  we wait . we    listen. we watch  . we wait  .   we    listen. we  read.    we consume time. we play.   we consume time . we   listen .we  wait. we consume time. we watch   .we listen    .  we  read.  we  play. we   wait.    we wait. we wait.  we  read   .we wait.we wait.we   watch.we  play.we  watch.

details of Concession of the Indulgence by Tiberio d'Assisi

(details of “concession of the indulgence” by tiberio d’assisi)

portrait of french philosopher simone weil

(portrait of french philosopher simone weil)

(1) (more pages for 3, 4 & 5 players can be obtained on request)